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"Empowering God's People for God's Glory"

Ministry & Servant Leaders

Couples Ministry

Pastor Joseph L. Wilson/First Lady Angela Wilson


Culinary Staff

Mary Saunders



Jennie A. Graves



John A. Graves - Co-Chair

Educational Ministry/Sunday School/Bible Study

Dave Roberts/Sandra Singleton/John A. Graves


Evangelism Ministry

Sandra Singleton/George Daye


Finance Ministry

Clarence Meachem/Margaret Murphy/Dave Roberts/Sylvia Bass


Keep in Touch Ministry

Annette Radcliffe-Mills/Pauline Williamson/Gwen Roberts

Media Ministry

John A. Graves/David Johnson/James Williamson/Annette Radcliffe-Mills

Trustees Ministry

Clarence Meachem/David Johnson

Ronald Saunders

Ushers Ministry

Veronica Shaw /Sandra Singleton


Vacation Bible School

Sandra Singleton/Peggy Matier


Women’s Ministry

First Lady Angela Wilson/Vivian Daye

Youth Ministry

Teressa Graves


Financial Secretary

Kelley Slade/Margaret Murphy



Ronald Saunders/Mary Saunders/Rena Robertson


Church Administrator

Carolyn Veney

Men’s Ministry

George Daye


Missionary Ministry

Vivian Daye


Minister of Music/Music Ministry

Iris Daye/Annette Radcliffe-Mills


Teressa Graves/Pauline Williams


Pastor Joseph L. Wilson/First Lady Angela Wilson

Pastor’s Aide

Teressa Graves/Deaconess/Deacons

Prayer Ministry

Annette Radcliffe-Mills/George Daye/James Williams

Senior Choir/Senior Ministry

Sylvia Bass/Alice Goins


John A. Graves/Jerry Cook/David Johnson

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